Tuesday, 30 March 2010


I've lost quarter of a lb this week.  Which is basically  nothing  but still better than actually nothing.

I'm watching supersize vs superskinny at the moment.  It's just started so no real comments about it yet.  But it got me wondering what my BMI is. So I just checked it.  And as I'm sure is no real surprise I'm morbidly obese, which I knew. But I did what it is with my current weight and then what it was with my starting weight.  It's dropped by 1 just in losing 6lb.  Which is definitely a very positive thing and I'm happy with.  The other bonus of that is that it gives me a rough goal for how much more weight I need to lose before I'm "just" obese.  About 2 stone I reckon.

I got a swim in today for the first time in weeks - yay!

Going back to supersize vs superskinny, I like the show but the bits with Anna Richardson really annoy me.


Molly said...

I've never seen that programme but glad you're enjoying it :)

Glad to hear that you've lost some weight this week even if it's only a little bit. That's better than losing nothing or gaining weight.

That's good that as your weight has dropped your BMI has dropped by 1 point too. Good luck in reducing your BMI further.

Pleased to hear that you swam today :D

Take care,
Moll x x

Crazylady said...

Just popping by to say thanks for your comment!

I'm not on the best of terms with the BMI method as I feel it is a bit too general. I mean if you consider that many athletes' BMIs would be in the obese range because it doesn't take muscle into account it's a bit nuts!! Still I guess for the rest of us it is a way of measuring and that's a good thing within reason. Good job on losing something this week. Like you say something is better than nothing and is definitely better than gaining!

I watch supersize vs superskinny occasionally. I think I have mixed feelings about it but at least it shows two sides of weight problems. It's a hell of a lot better than that stupid Fat Families program.

Crikey sorry for such a long comment!

Anonymous said...

hello, thanks for leaving me a comment. Its good to know people are reading and if you want to reccomend me to others then I'm always happy for new readers. And hey, maybe more people behind me will push me that little bit harder. :)

I have replied to your comment in a post as there are things I think are important for all people to bear in mind when on diets. Its never that easy but it takes some real determination and a lot of soul searching at times.

I watched supersize last night and it does make me feel differently about skinny people. They have just as many issues as us "morbidly obese" deep down. I've gone down more than 6 with my BMI in the past 6 months and its a start isn't it.

Keep on trying and call by whenever you feel.

Anonymous said...

sorry, its Becca from Journey For Myself above. Blogspot only accepts my main website ID for some reason. *sigh*


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