Monday, 18 January 2010

Lots of Different Little Things

So I figured it was probably about time I updated this here blog about a few things.

First,Thing a Day is awesome.  It's a challenge to create one thing a day every day in the month of February.  It should be a complete new thing and can be anything.  A picture, a photo, a piece of writing, a meal, some form of craft, some baking absolutely anything.  I've attempted it the past two years and intend to sign up again this year.  I also intend that this year will be the year I complete it!  I have actual plans for a lot of things this year so it's potentially more promising.  I had planned to sign up today but I see now that they've delayed sign up until 24th January.

Something sort of unexpected happened today which made me very happy.  Can't go into more details but I'm pleased.

I have made zero progress on my 101 in 1001 list so far this year.  Not great but my Dad has lent me his Lord of The Rings DVDs so hopefully I can watch that soon.  I hear the forecast is heavy snow for Tuesday night so maybe if I can't go to the bureau as planned on Weds I will do it then.

101 in 1001 is a list of 101 tasks which a person sets for themselves and then they have a time frame of 1001 days (about 2.75 years) to complete them.  This is my second list and it explains more about the project at the top of it.  Of my first list I completed about 50.  I think the official website of the project is Day Zero (this is the correct link here, the one on my list is down at the moment).

Weight loss or attempts at such I can't comment too much on as my scales are broken and have to go back for repair or replacement.  They were sent Saturday so I have no idea when I will get them back or even hear what is happening.  I have still been making baby steps with my eating though so it should be stable if not losing a little.

But the big news is that I bought a Wii.  Most of the exercise/keep fit games they have are no good to me as they require the balance board.  Which is no good for a wheelchair user!  I have however found several activity/exercise games which I can do from my chair.  I've had it about ten days now and I've been using it for exercise everyday - they're quite hard work and a lot of fun.  Because of the high cost of buying the Wii I am determined to use it everyday to get my moneys worth from it.  And my arms are aching and I'm getting out of breath when playing on them too so it must be some good form of exercise.

Finally, as some of you will know, I used to take part in the 100 Book Club where people shared what their reading goals (in terms of pages and/or number of books) were for the year and posting regular updates.  If you hit your goal you got your name highlighted and if you hit the 100 book goal you got a lil icon.  It didn't run last year so I guess it's now defunct.  And I really missed having that sort of thing.

So I've set up my own challenge or group blog for readers over at Reading Challenge.  It's gonna run a bit differently to the 100 Book Club and it's designed to be inclusive and accessible to all.  So all are welcome if you goal is 100 books or just 1 short story or anywhere in between.  It's supposed to be about enjoying reading and maybe making some new friends.  Leave a comment either here or over there if you want to join or send an e-mail to  if you felt really nice you could also pimp the project on your own blog ;-)


Molly said...

Thing A Day sounds like a great challenge for you Emma. Good luck with it and keep us updated as to how you get on :)

I hope you can start to make a bit more progress on your 101 in 1001 list soon. Thanks for explaining a bit more about what 101 in 1001 is and giving the website link, I'm considering having a go at it now. I've skim read your list and your goals sound good. What I love is that your goal date for it is my 21st birthday! Hopefully we'll both be celebrating on that day :D

I hope that you're happy with your weight when your scales return and hopefully that wont be too long. I love my Wii :D Have you tried Wii Sports Resort? That's quite energetic, but I'm sure you can do most if not all of the sports on it sitting down. And Mario Kart Wii is just a great fun game :D

Sorry to hear that the 100 book club is now defunct, what a shame. I hope you enjoy running your own reading challenge though. I used to love reading, but unfortunately struggle to do it now because my memory and concentration have been affected by my ME. I hate not being able to read novels any more.

Take care,
Moll x x

girlonwheels said...

Hi Emma,
I have a wii and the wii fit board. I can do the step areobic game from my wheelchair. I needed to put a pillow behind me to be forward enough to able to make it work but it does. Maybe you could give it a try.

Mama Bear June said...

Great job on making the Wii work for you! Keep making those healthy choices.

Kate Dickinson said...


Would like to join the book reading group if possibl. My email is After reading your blog a while back I set up my own 101 in 1001 and one of the goals on that is to read a set amount of books.

I've got a wii and found I couldn't use much on the wii fit but I found that I could do most of the games on wii sports and a couple of other games.



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