Sunday, 24 January 2010

A Few Goals

A couple of years ago my parents went to New Zealand for five or so weeks at this time of year.  During the time they were away I set myself various goals.  Some of which I achieved and some I didn't.  I had extra care visits during that time and some of it was to get the carers to do various jobs (which was partially where the failures came from) and some were "oh I must do X sometime" small jobs.  Like the photos I got enlarged and have by my bed - I'd meant to do that for ages until I did it. I was a bit disappointed but when I went through with my mum she said I'd actually achieved a lot.

Early yesterday my parents went off on a trip round South America for three and a half weeks.  I was thinking a few goals to do during this time might be a good idea.

I did myself a to do list in the tasks panel on gmail but that's things like "wash my blankets" and "empty bins" "put some earrings back in"  and "make a nurse appt" but I thought I would list here the bigger goals.

  • No coke or chocolate between now and when they come back (this is the big one, I think it's likely to be a huge part of my losing any weight this year and three weeks without the two is also one of my 101 in 1001 goals) FAILED
  • Research changing ISP
  • Sort out WiFi in the house so I can use my netbook online here and go online on the Wii
  • Renew TV license
  • Ring or e-mail all the friends I've been meaning to for a while (have sent two of them e-mails already but I think I have at least four more people who fall into that category)
  • Knit my shawl that I keep starting and frogging.


Molly said...

Good luck with acheiving those goals while your parents are away Emma.

Moll x x

Anonymous said...

I'm a great believer in cutting extras out completely to lose weight and then reintroducing them in a limited way to maintain weight.

continued luck

Anonymous said...

ps it took me 4 submit button clicking to submit a comment :(

OhWheely . . said...

We just changed ISP and sorted wifi before xmas. Virgin kept mucking us about so gone to BT. No probs so far.

Good luck with targets Emma xx


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