Wednesday, 9 September 2009


I just looked at the Save DLA petition I linked to in my previous entry. It has approx 780 signatures. Which is really pleasing.

What I'm even more pleased about is the six or names I saw on there (I counted six I think but two others told me they had done it and I definitely don't remember seeing their names) who were people I had passed on the petition too.

I'd be even even more pleased if every single person I told about it signed but I'll take this for a start. Six people out of 20 or so is a huge proportion.

So happy that my friends care about what I care about.


Anonymous said...

Signed the DLA petition - really rely on my DLA to pay someone to do cleaning and ironing etc as well as those little extras that you need to buy.

Very gutted that the sailing season is coming to a close - are you?


Emma said...

Kate - you rock!

I'm gonna e-mail you soon, would love to chat sailing.


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