Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Random Bullet Points of Life

Item: On Monday it appeared that one of the things I've been wanting to do since I heard about it was in fact going to have to be off of the cards for me because of CP.

Item: Yesterday there were two things that were CP crap and using lots of my disability fighting ness and all a bit much.  Particularly because of the guilt trips involved.  And the sighing.

Item: people involved in assisting people with disabilities should not be allowed to sigh whilst doing so.  The "Okay I'll do that" .... *Sigh* thing is discouraging.

Item: Yesterday and Monday's Items added together make me fed up and down.

Item: Big decisions have been made which should enable me to be more independant and could possibly put Monday's Item back on the cards if they work out.

Item: I didn't freak out when asked a very important question earlier but advocated for myself and am supported in doing so.

Item: I bought yet more theatre tickets yesterday which makes me a bit happier.

Item: Anxiety sucks.

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Kate Dickinson said...

Agree with you that people assisting those with disabilites should not sigh whilst assisting them. If there was an Olympic event in sighing, then one of my carers would win easily!

Am a fellow challenger sailor - loved your post about going solo as could relate so much. Have been solo once and was totally freaked about getting back to shore! Am still having a buddy but they get off while I am on the lake and back in when I want to come in! Bit fed up that the season has nearly finished.

Feel free to email you anytime. Would love to chat sailing. Met a couple of guys from Oxford (Luke and Sam, I think) at Grafham.

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