Thursday, 19 March 2009

Oh to be anonymous...

Sometimes the fact that I'm not an anonymous blogger is really difficult.  Usually I manage to describe situations to a degree which I feel makes my point but trys to protect my privacy and the privacy of the other people involved.  I think that's particularly important when writing about negative events, things that annoy or upset me etc.  Obviously I don't always succeed.

On Monday, yesterday and today people said things to me which left me feeling very much like they were talking to me like I was a child.  And each time I answered and then got annoyed with myself for not refusing to answer and picking them up on the way they spoke to me.

I've just written and then backspaced out an entry detailing what happened on Monday.  I really want to share it but I'm feeling maybe a little paranoid and can't explain the he said she saids of it without potentially making it obvious to the other person involved if they were to read it that I'm moaning about them.  I'd like to think they would never read it but given that several people read this who I never expected would do so I'm not comfortable going there right now.

So right now as well as those frustrations I'm also feeling frustrated about the fact I'm not anonymous.

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Shiloh said...

Yeah, I dunno what it is with people and people with disabilities and treating us like children, even though they may know us personally and *know* we aren't intellectually delayed. I've been getting some of that treatment myself lately.


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