Wednesday, 25 March 2009


Last night and tonight I've tried to write an entry about going to the doctors and the dentist yesterday.  I'm really not doing a good job of getting down what I want to say.

So, the bare minimum  

I am back on antidepressants (fluoxetine) but at half the dose I was on before I decided not to take any meds last May.  I am sanguine about that.

I am not going back on muscle relaxants (baclofen) as I was never sure they did much for me.  My GP also commented in response that she's not convinced baclofen does much.  This was never actually up for discussion, I just told her that I'd stopped both meds and didn't want to go back on it.

I really must comment here how much I appreciate honest and people who take the time to explain things and are open and friendly etc.  Oh and how sometimes it's harder to deal with people who are nice.

We were discussing related things in a plan of sorts and she told me she knew I could do this, that she had no doubts at all about my determination once I got started.  I nearly cried.


Karen said...

Hugs coming your way... Baclofen does a lot for me but it doesn't work for everyone.

Diane J Standiford said...

baclofen gave me hallucionations. (But my Dr DID give me too high a dose...yes, it is hard sometimes to deal with nice people...I am "better" with jerks, I get teary/touched too. You can do it.

Athol Kay said...

Have a look into Omega-3 Fish Oil for depression. It's still early days in terms of finished science as to how effective it is for depression, but I know it certainly works for me. It's cheap and side effects aren't really an issue.

If you have a nutrional deficiency of Omega-3 it will take a few months to have noticable effects from adding supplimentation, but it does come slowly and effectively (for me at least). Kinda like if you have brittle bones, adding calicum suppliments doesn't cure that the next day, but slowly over time it has an effect.

Don't go off the fluxotine for now though. Best of luck.


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