Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Ooooookay then

The last several times I've written to the assisted travel people about things not going according to plan they've made mention in their replies that if it's easier I can call and raise comments and complaints.  

And Saturday was fuck up city when it came to assisted travel (add in my slowly dying powerchair and having had a crap few days and it wasn't great).  So today instead of writing I called them.

"Which leg of the journey did you have problems with?"


"and which station was it?"


"oh my god I'm really sorry.  I've made a note of all the details but if you could put everything you've told me IN WRITING we'll investigate what happened."

Yeah, so I'll file that one under "can ring and complain but they'll ask for it in writing anyway"

And I tried to make a doctors appt.  My doctor isn't in this week.  The new government targets which specify the majority of patients should be able to see their own GP within 48 hours of making the appt?  Appear to be being massaged slightly by my surgery.  As I was told to call back first thing Friday to make an appt on Monday.

Which probably means I'll end up calling on Monday to go later in the week (unless I can get an appt for first thing Monday and arrange for my batteries to be picked up Monday lunchtime) as I won't have batteries in my powerchair the first few days of next week :-(

And then my mum, having spent about a month asking if I've made the appt yet and nagging me about it, asked why I was trying to make an appt.

Today is just annoying, I feel like I've wasted most of the day.  And most of what I have achieved isn't really an achievement.  But it has made me sit here going "oooookay then" about most things.


sarah said...

even doctors need holidays ;)

Emma said...

The point I was trying to make was that it's ridiculous that I couldn't make an appt for when she's back because of this new 48 hour rule

Cindy said...

I'm with you Emma, it makes no sense that you could not go ahead and schedule the appointment for Monday of next week when your doctor will be back in the office. I don't quite understand the government mandate in your country on that one. Seems like they are trying to boost statistics or something like that. But alas, your story has given me at least one bit to be thankful that in the US our heathcare is not mandated by the government.

Diane J Standiford said...

Dr appts., gawd. Well, their do see themselves as above us pions. Hey, we are just disabled, make our life harder--why now? Woopie!


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