Friday, 14 November 2008

Hall of Shame

I've decided that I'm going to start a category on this blog called "hall of shame" or some such (anyone got any better ideas for a name, let me know).  Someone said something to me earlier and I just thought "welcome to my blog!" and then decided that a hall of shame would be a great idea.

So someone was telling me earlier how she does feel for me and would hate to be in a wheelchair. It came up because she walked into me and apologised saying she hadn't seen me.  It's someone I know but not well and I laughed and said it was ok but she was lucky I'm so nice.  And I told her about shouty guy.  Then we got all the she couldn't do it she feels for me crap.  I don't mind that opinion so much because I obviously don't agree with it but frustrating though it is I understand thats the general opinion most of society have of disability (although she is technically a PWD I suspect she doesn't view herself that way).  But in reply I told her that I like it and would turn down a cure if offered it.

Really? they asked. And I said yes, really there's nothing wrong with being in a wheelchair.

of course not they said.  But wouldn't you rather have a proper life?

I just absolutely snapped at her "I do have a proper life."

and she walked off saying something about how she couldn't say anything right. 

She might have been wrong about the "proper life" comment but she certainly wasn't wrong about that.  I was sooo shocked.  But then I wondered why because this is the same person who thought knitting equalled pregnant.

I think that's probably the rudest thing I've had said to me in a long time if not ever.  Even my mum who usually advocates letting things go and not getting so annoyed when I tell her comments people make etc commented that it was really rude.

And of course after the fact it occurred to me that what I should have said was either a) not if it means I have to be like you. or b) is what you've got a proper life, what with being so ignorant and all?


Jennifer said...

I completely agree that said person is ignorant and insensitive. I also agree that I wouldn't want to be sighted if given the chance. Have a wonderful weekend.

Ricky said...

You're right Emma.

Dream Work - Humiliation Dream | Open_Secrets said...

[...] find shame and humiliation some of the most difficult work. The power of the inner critic attacks is severe. [...]

rickismom said...

I think that to be truely an educator, you have to leave out the sarcasm

I am - Guest Post for the Carnival from Ricky – The Life and Times of Emma said...

[...] path that I’ve come to embrace. [*The rather ignorant person comment relates to this entry of mine] [...]


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