Monday, 10 November 2008

Day Ten in The NaNoWriMo House...

I've written something like 16,149 words for NaNo so far this year as of about two hours ago (and I've not written anything since I last checked it).  Which puts me about five hundred and 18 words behind target.  And coincidentally I managed to wipe a file earlier on my acer and lose pretty much five hundred words.

It also took me about half an hour earlier to run a spell check on the damn thing and so it's pretty much guaranteed typo free and all people and place names have capital letters as appropriate (apart from what I wrote tonight).  I turned most of the grammer rules onto ignore, however - couldn't be doing with that.  I did notice that it thought lot of my sentences were "long" and it queried the "wordiness" of somethings.  However that being the basic point of NaNoWriMo I hit ignore and moved on.

Oh and I've not used it for a few days but Write or Die is so saving me this time round.  I love it.

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