Monday, 25 August 2008

I guess thats why they call it the blues

I gained four whole lb this week.

Not really sure what happened there.

Mum wondered if it was a hang over from the week before when I expected to gain but managed to maintain; she said that my Dad usually gains weight the week after he splurges rather than that week.

It might be a period thing also.  It's due sometime soon although I'm not quite sure when (unusual for me) as they are spacing out a bit more.  This is not a good thing from a PMS point of view - I cope much better when I know it's coming and also I usually figure out exactly when it's coming the day before because of my emotions and mental state.

But four lb?!  That's *practically* all the weight I had lost. :(

Yes, I've got the blues this evening.

1 comment:

Sophinda said...

not quite all that u lost and anyway at least ur not heavier than ur start off weight. try watching a 50stone woman type programme and then ull feel better cos u only weight like a quarter of them! better luck this week x


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