Sunday, 6 April 2008

I had to laugh

With a worktop in front of me to fall onto if needed and my sister standing ready to catch me if I went backwards I managed to stand completely unsupported on the scales when I went to my Mum's house earlier today.

We won't talk about the numbers... They aren't good.  We're talking the 20lb I lost last year is back on with a fair chunk more on top.    But the numbers? they also don't really matter.

My family make me laugh however.

I said something a bit after that about how much I weighed and the fact that it matters but it doesn't in the grand scheme of things.

Sophie replied "Emma you weigh XXX, you're almost dead!"

I had to laugh.

Ben, Geri and Dad were watching the Grand Prix in the other room.  When it finished Ben came over and kissed me on the head.  He hugged me and I was leaning on him.  He commented that he hadn't seen me for a while.  We were chatting and I went "Ben I'm fat."

He replied.  "No, you're not.... well, I can't lie..."

I had to laugh at that too.

It's a bit like going to the hairdressers, I get my hair cut by one of two people.  One of them is dead skinny and if I ever comment that I worry my face will look fatter with my hair done a certain way she tells me I'm not fat.  That like hmmm... I love you, you liar.   And I always have to laugh at that too.


Sophinda said...

lol soz for my comment but take ur health seriously! I'm a nutritionist telling me that health doesnt matter in the grand scheme of things is likely to set off some sort of rant/panic!

Shiloh said...

Love ya too, sis.

Carnival of Positive Thinking said...

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