Monday, 25 February 2008


I've been out and about in my manual chair this afternoon.

I noted the time when I left home and when I got back in.  I left home at 14.31 and returned home at 15.16.  I picked a point that by my (very) rough estimate is 150 or 200 metres from my house - uphill on the way there, down on the way back.  In the time I was wheeling I didn't stop and I did there and back three times.

My hands were black by the time I got in.  And I was gagging for a drink.  Otherwise I think I might still be out there now...


sophinda said...

Hoo-Ray (spelt like that cos nanny always used to say it like that. well done u! keep it up. I expect u and mum to stick to ur resolution to go swimming tomorrow x

sarah said...

do you need some sexy cycling gloves? while your there, camelbacks ;) although that'll mean pushing extra weight-hmmm! xx


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