Friday, 23 November 2007

Things That Crack Me Up

10,000 word long spam comments left on my blog (yes, I cut and pasted it into open office and checked the word count, shoot me).

The fact that when helping with the health and safety audit at work we came to the question on potential tripping hazards Judith turned to me and went "we'll give that question to She Who Likes To Fall."

When the guy from the journey care booking line went "so that's a booking for you and your electric wheelchair to travel to Oxford..." as though my powerchair was another person.


elizabeth said...

That spam nut sure has a lot of time and ideas on his hands, mostly about the gods.

I guess re the guy from Oxford, my first thought was; "You mean you haven't named her, your powerchair yet?" I anthropamorphize the heck out of my chair. I even pet it when I think it is feeling sick and compliment it on a good curb jump. So I guess my response to the Oxford guy would be, "Yes, and the chair prefers to be referred to as Megan."

Karen said...

Elizabeth bet me to suggesting you name your chair. Mine doesn't have a name but if its going to be thought of as another person...


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