Sunday, 4 November 2007

I love to laugh.... it's getting worse every year!

The next Disability Blog Carnival has the theme, how do you relax, chill out?

Obviously my favourite ways to chillax are with a book or sailing or swimming. I'm also a big fanfic fan. But I thought I'd tell you about something else I love.

I love comedy and I happily while away many an hour on you tube or similar watching comedy clips. Particularly at this time of year when sailing is out and the light is bad which really affects my mood. I was a regular at the weekly comedy club at uni and really need to get back into live comedy.

One of my favourite comedians is Adam Hills. He is disabled (or a mutant as he prefers to be known) as he has an artificial foot. And he seriously cracks me up.

Another of my favourite comedy things is Mock The Week.

And behold - a Mock The Week clip from You Tube featuring Adam Hills and the panal laughing and talking about the fact Adam's leg is held on by velcro. I didn't stop laughing for the entire seven plus minutes of the clip

And another you tube clip of Adam is in this entry

One thing I love about his humour is that he doesn't make a big deal of his disability but that he doesn't shy away from mentioning it, laughing about it, even taking the piss out of it.

I was lucky enough to see him live when I was at uni (and also to have seen Laurence Clark live twice). I hope to go again sometime.

Oh and lets just finish with CPer Laurence Clark talking about what he gets mistaken for...


Karen said...

Thinking of you!

Jacqui's Mum in Aus said...

Thank you for those Emma, very funny. And it is true, we really do call flip flop shoes 'thongs' here is Aus. We also call G-string type undies thongs too so sometimes we have to clarify exactly which we are talking about because that in itself can be hilarious.
We also have a CP-er comedian here called Steady Eddie who is very good at commenting on situations that arise for him. He is great.

Twofer said...

A most appropriate contribution for a carnival! You've reminded me I should look around more, and laugh more. Too often we get caught up in the day to day trivia - much of which isn't funny. Thanks!

charity not - pittrehab said...

[...] Crees presents The Life and Times of Emma. She writes, I love comedy and I happily while away many an hour on you tube or similar watching [...]

Rob at Kintropy said...

Excellent links & video - thanks so much for sharing them. Janette and I sat here in Oregon laughing ourselves silly. Thanks for sharing your break & unwind with us.


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