Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Week four?

I think it's week four of the Look Great in 2008 challenge, anyway.

I'm down another 1lb for a total of 23lb now.  Which I'm pleased about.  I haven't had time to do measurements and I'm sneaking on at CAB now so I will do them later and add them in.

I'm trying to come up with something of a plan to allow me to stop feeling like I'm floundering and treading water and allow me to actually work on this again.  Otherwise I will not be looking great in 2008, I'll still be working on it. 

I think the plan will involve weights, some of the goals in my 101 in 1001 (nutritional ones, mostly) and once my powerchair is up to speed again getting back in the pool more often.

 I also need a plan because I tend to struggle at this time of year with the dark nights (and I noticed I was yesterday) - I think that will involve daily exercise on top of the meds.

But we shall see.

p.s. this blog looks terrible on this computer, must do soemthing about that!


JanB said...

I have a hard time too with the change from light so much in the daytime to dark all the time, but I look forward to when it starts to reverse, around the end of December.

Congratulations on your incredible loss! Overall 23 pounds is a LOT, have you tried to lift something that approximates your total loss? I am so excited for you!!

Diana the Scale Junkie said...

You've done such a phenomenal job!! Keep up the great work.

MamaBearJune said...

Congrats on your loss! I remember when we lived in Scotland and only had about 5 hours of daylight during the winter. And that was when I had a newborn and 2 year old! It's a challenge! Hope you get your chair stuff sorted out and back in the pool soon!


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