Friday, 21 September 2007

ow ow hurty ow

I've done something to my back. ow ow hurty ow. And randomly my left side (including my arm weirdly) is super spastic and tight.

I said to my sister that I thought I'd put it out - I don't think I actually have but I've definitely bruised it or something.

My back can get painful if I spend a long period of time in my wheelchair with no breaks and on Saturday between my wheelchair and the car I went fifteen hours with only a few loo breaks. NOT GOOD. But it couldn't be avoided and it was loads of fun.

I would take that as the cost of having such a good day and be pleased and happy to do so.

But it's more than that. Not only did I spend too much time in my chair on Saturday. I also fell out of the damn thing. Backwards.

Well maybe saying I fell OUT of the damn thing isn't quite right.

There is a point at which you can't right a wheelchair when you tip it. My parents were getting me over a step. It was a high one so my dad had the front and my mum the back. Wheelchair tips too far and hits the floor.

Result- Emma is still in the wheelchair but the wheelchair is tipped on it;s back and Emma's legs are in the air. Emma is extremely grateful that her mum lost the "you must wear a dress" argument.

So yeah, I really don't recommend that.

I do recommend heatpacks and codeine and baclofen however.

And more importantly I wish "up and over" steps were banned. Because they are seriously evil.


Sair said...

if you've bruised it, do intersperse heatpacks or replace completely with ice packs to reduce swelling and not encourage more swelling... sounds cruel, but actually very soothing! hope it heals asap!

Jacqui said...

Emma, my back hurts continuously. I hope it heals quick for you. Glad you won the argument too ;-)


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