Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Look Great in 2008 Week One!

I'm up 1lb.

Which is ok.

Trouble is last week I had regained 2lb.

So that's 3lb that had gone now back here visiting again. And I'm grateful it's not more because I did eat out twice yesterday and I did binge a couple of times this week. When I weighed earlier in the week it looked like I'd gained more.

If I got a report on my weight loss it would probably say "Emma tries hard but could do better."

That's ok. but it's also sucky considering that I was loser of the week this week.

But all I can do is go onwards and upwards. And take it back to basics.

On with the next week...


JanB said...

I always say ONward and DOWNward (scalewise). Do you jounral your foods at all? I use and it helps me see what things cost in terms of my diet, I hope that your next week is better, take care and let go of this week's gain. Just let it go.

Southern Girl said...

Gains happen. I'm sorry you've had a discouraging weigh-in, but you can get a handle on it. Just keep moving forward.

Do you ever do any weight-lifting? I'm not able to do most exercises because I'm on crutches, but I can lift hand weights, and it really helped me.

MamaBearJune said...

Hi Emma!

Being Loser of the week isn't necessarily about numbers. It's about attitude and persistence. We all have those bad week gains. But we don't give up. We have a new chance to make healthy choices every day. I know you'll be right back on track. Sending hugs.

Thea said...

I'm with June! Take into account everything you've done! Everyone has gains every once in a's a part of life. Get back in there! Good luck this week!

dd said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. Here's to a good week next week!

Kellie said...

Hang in there! The upcoming week will be better and you've got a good attitude about...onward and upward!


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