Saturday, 22 September 2007


Bullet points of life for a Saturday evening:

  • Have hugely fun plans for really really soon. Very excited and can't wait.

  • Am slightly concerned that fun plans maybe too much for me. Have decided that I don't care.

  • Have much too much yarn and yet I want to buy more.

  • Have had genius idea involving yarn, fun plans and possibly Christmas.

  • Slightly scared that I considered Christmas already.

  • Supermarkets have advent calenders and christmas stuff out already. This is scarier.

  • Also have too many books and yet I want to buy more.

  • Fun plans are also likely to be of some use here

  • Am wondering quite why I have so many DVDs that I've not finished watching (mostly box set)

  • Genius Fun Plans not likely to be of any help here.

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