Sunday, 16 September 2007

And this was before she had a drink...

My mother strikes again.

We went to my cousin's wedding yesterday so I got myself all dressed up (photos to come) and then went to the door to let mum in.

"Hello, you look nice. Where's your walker?"

"in my bedroom."

"and your chair, where's your wheelchair?"

"I'm sat in it."

"Are you? [pause] oh yeah..."


Jacqui said...

very funny

Shiloh said...

Sounds like my mother...

Lorraine Weil said...

Hi Emma,

Thank you for stopping by Shawna's site and letting us know that there is yet another person out there in the world praying for her. Your prayers are much appreciated. Likewise, you will be in our prayers.

God Bless You,



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