Tuesday, 21 August 2007


Somehow, this week, I lost a total of 4lb. Which gets rid of the 2lb I put on last week and an extra 2lb.

I'm down 16lb in total now which is very yay!

I really want to focus on moving my body, getting more sleep and drinking more water over this next week. I feel a lot of these have slipped by the way side lately. But I do also know that some habits have stuck and that is a very GOOD thing.

If I could, I would love to see another 4lb loss next week but I think that's unrealistic. So I think my goal is going to be to get to a total weight loss of 21lb by the end of the May Day Challenge (which isn't far off!)

My mum and I went shopping on Sunday to get clothes to wear to my cousin's wedding (the saturday before the challenge ends). It was a nightmare. Not least because we both had very different ideas as to what I should wear. My size was an issue too and we left with nothing (mostly due to the choice issue). But it would have been a lot more of a problem if I was still carrying around those extra 16lb.


Julie said...

Great job on the 4lb loss! Isn't exciting when we have weeks that the weight just seems to melt off? Keep up the good work!

Overwhelmed With Joy! said...

Good for you for loosing 4 pounds this past week! Keep up the good work! :)

Guinevere Meadow said...

All right! Keep it up!

JanB said...

WHO HOO! Four pounds gone! Pick up a sack of sugar and think, that's just a tad more than what I lost! Congratulations and have a wonderful week!

MamaBearJune said...

Tried to comment earlier today and it wouldn't work for me. Weird.

Anyway - CONGRATULATIONS! You are doing a wonderful job. :-)

JHS said...


Sorry about the shopping trip, but perhaps you can get something another day.

Philip said...

Great news on the 16!

I'm trying hard myself at the moment and can fully appreciate how hard it is!


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