Tuesday, 14 August 2007

fourteen weeks

I came to the conclusion on Saturday that I no longer know what sort of clothes suit me, what my style is and where I'm going with that. I'm so used to wearing too small clothes or slightly shapeless clothes.

Well, that ends now.

The scales showed a two pound gain this week which I wasn't surprised by given how much wheeling I have done and the fact that I am premenstrual.

I'm not bothered by the gain but I do just wish I felt a bit better about myself.


Jamie said...

I had a gain this week, too, and I so desparately want to feel better about myself. We can do this!! Have a good week!

MamaBearJune said...

Hi, Emma!
Maybe you should try to find a fashion consultant! Have you ever met someone who is a Weekenders consultant? I noticed from the website that there is a division of this company in the UK. Check out their website at www.weekenders.com, then click on the UK link. There are clothes I never would have thought I'd look good in that surprised me. With a consultant, she will have the different clothes to try on and it's a personal visit, not like going to a big store. I'm a consultant here in the states and I just LOVE their clothes.

Lori said...

Two weeks ago I was a half pound away from losing 10 pounds, then I went and did the premenstrual thing and was up an extra pound. So I know how that feels.

Don't let that stuff affect how you think of yourself. You may need to lose weight to be more healthy, but it has nothing to do with what kind of person you are.

Keep at it!

JHS said...

I wrote about clothing the other day . . . and the need to get rid of stuff that is too big.

A consultant is a great idea. If you can't hire a professional, how 'bout a friend or neighbor with really great fashion sense who will ruthlessly make you chuck the bad stuff from your closet -- and deliver it to Good Will so that you can't be tempted to put it back in?


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