Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Starting all over again

I am starting this weight loss journey over from the beginning once again.

I braved the scales on Saturday after last week's uncertainty. And I managed to stand on them with just a finger for balance, taking all my weight myself.

The results were shocking. I'm not ashamed of the numbers but have decided not to share them here. The numbers aren't important.

This is a new beginning for me - everything weightwise from earlier this year or years gone by is done with. Gone. I have definitely lost weight this year. And I will lose more that's all that matters.

And after being recommitted since Saturday? I was 3lb down this morning. Total weightloss this time round 3lb.

A small step but I'll take it.


Denise said...

Bless you dear one, I am praying for your weight loss efforts to be very successful.

Lori said...

Three pounds! That's fantastic.

I hope you have another great week. And kudos to you just for making the commitment. I think that is the hardest part.

JanB said...

You are on exactly the right track. Three pounds is great. Keep working at it and remember that the first couple of weeks are crucial. Try to keep focused and try to get past the initial stages of weight loss where your body is crying out to return to past ways. Once you get past that, things get easier.

Melissa said...

Good for you for taking control. Way to go losing 3lb too! Keep at it...it isn't easy but you can do it!!

Sair said...

is it possible to get walker to scales? that way once you know weight of walker, you can weigh yourself accurately often... stay strong, weight loss even if large amounts is entirely possible. lol shame we can't all have Harvey helping us with the journey (hoping you know who i mean) xxx

Robinznest said...

You are doing great! And you are smart not to focus on the numbers. Just let health be your goal and you will get there!

Emma said...

Walker and scales won't happen. I could get the walker next to them but not on. And Sair, I do know who you mean by Harvey. Thankfully things aren't so bad I'm wishing for Gillian's help yet (hope YOU know who I mean) although I did just watch her show.

Sair said...

might need some gaffa tape for harvey though ;) and I do know who you mean! didn't those girls do well today!! speak soon xx

MamaBearJune said...

Praying for you, Emma! Small steps are important. Celebrate each victory. Sending hugs.

Thea said...

Love the new banner, Emma. Very peaceful. And I'm so proud of you for the committment you are making. With that kind of perserverance, I know you'll be successful.

Good luck this week!


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