Friday, 20 July 2007

Harry Potter Predictions

In a little over 24 hours I might have my copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in my hot little hands. I'm pretty much definitely not going at midnight now but who knows?!

It's all rather exciting.

So this is what I think will happen:

Pettigrew is toast. Harry will have some link to that due to the wizards debt between the two.

All of the Weasley's will survive. There's been a lot of talk on fansites that with the sheer number of them, odds are at least one must die. Personally I think that's too obvious and so JKR won't have used that twist

If a Weasley will die, it won't be Ron. I've got a feeling JKR already stated that sometime ago. Something to do with it being cliche for the sidekick to bite it.

The last word of the book will not be scar.

Snape will turn out to actually be on Harry's side and will be instrumental in helping him.

Nothing important will happen on Hallowe'en or if it does it won't be the major turning point in the book.

Harry's going to die. As a writer it makes sense for JKR to do that otherwise she will never get full closure on the series.

One of the Horcruxes is hidden in the room of requirement.

RAB is Regulus Black.

The giant chess set will make another appearance


Jacqui's Mum in Aus said...

Hi Emma, just had to let you know my Harry Potter journey.
When Jacqui's eldest, who has always stayed at our house for a couple of nights each week, was about seven years old I bought the first three Harry Potter books. Started out that I would read to him three chapters each night before he would go to sleep, but the books were so good that by mutual consent it extended to five and six chapters. We were hooked.
Since then we have pre ordered and eagerly awaited the releases of the new books as well as the movies too. Only last week we saw the movie of the fifth book on the day it was released here.
I have pre-ordered the seventh and last book, but Ad is going away for the weekend so I will, for the first time ever, get to read the book before he does. He has made me promise that I will finish it before he gets home so that he can get it straight away, so I guess you all know what I will be doing most of the weekend. I have purposely not spent any time wondering about the ending, preferring just to accept it as it is written.
I certainly hope you enjoy the read too.

Luna said...

Your ideas are very similar to mine, especially about Snape being on Harry's side. I think he *needed* to kill Dumbledore in HBP, and in DH we will find out why. I hope so, anyway... having rooted for Snape through the entire series I will be SO upset if he turns out to be bad!

Also, I totally agree about RAB being Regulus Black. As soon as I read those initials he came into my head; it seems that Sirius's family is highly significant in the latter books.

Ooh, it's all so exciting! I can't wait 'til midnight! xx


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