Saturday, 16 June 2007

Time to Travel!

I go on holiday later today! Can't wait. Do need to go to bed though. I'm leaving the house in nine and a half hours. Still got a fair bit to do as well. Here's hoping for some sleep on the train!

A brief itinerary

tomorrow: Liverpool
Sunday and all of next week: JST voyage on Tenacious, TNS193
Monday of the week after: disembark in Oban, travel to Glasgow
Weds 27th: Fly to Luton at 6pm ish, Dad picks me up to come home.

If you go to the JST Website there is an ocean tracker link and there is also a blog where updates from the ships are posted a few times a week. I helped to write an entry last year when I went on the Nelson. The link is in the bottom right hand corner - "ships updates" - unfortunately I can't give a direct link.

Unless my sister posts here this is the last update for 11 days because I have officially


nemo said...

It's been like 3 years since I have had a vacation. This September, I'm pretty much determined to go to Bali for a good no-mobile-phone holiday for a week.
I love cruises because they have unlimited food. :D.
I wish you a great trip.

Emma said...

This isn't a cruise ;o) check out the website, I think you'll be surprised!

Funky Mango said...

Hope you had a great trip Emma - I'd like to do a JST voyage some day :-)

Philip said...

Hope you had a good time :-)

Sean said...

Hope the trip was a good one


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