Tuesday, 12 June 2007


I lost another pound this week which makes me smiley :o) Particularly as other than swimming on Friday (which was a great work out this week) I've not exercised. That's something that will come back officially in July BUT as I'm taking my K (manual chair) on holiday there will be loads of accidental exercise while I'm away

So I'm at 23lb lost since February. Which puts me at the exact weight I told JST I was (for safety reasons they need a rough idea of the weight of all wheelchair users) - considering I was somewhat economical with the truth of the numbers when they asked (by half a stone) I am very glad to actually be at this point!

And I found my tape measure again - since I took measurements on the 1st of January I have lost five inches off of my waist. It's no wonder I needed smaller clothes! I haven't checked the rest yet as I've not had time but I will before I go away.

Several people have commented that I'm looking thinner this last week too

I won't be home for the next two Tuesday weigh ins for the May Day Challenge - so the next update for that will be week eight.


Denise said...

Congrats, you are doing really good.

JanB said...

I hope that you are very proud of yourself, because this is an awesome accomplishment!!! Fitting into smaller sizes is just wonderful and for the first time in years, it is something that I have experienced lately. Congratulations!!!

MamaBearJune said...

WOOT! FIVE inches lost on your waist is AWESOME!

Thea said...

5 inches?!? That's awesome!! Stay focused the next couple of weeks and we'll see you in week 8!


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