Thursday, 18 January 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Thirteen Things About Emma

Thirteen Things about Emma

1…. This is the first time I've done T13 since last May!
2. I am working on a cross stitch bookmark at the moment
3. And I'm reading The Other Eden by Sarah Bryant
4. I've lost 3lb since New Years Day - 40 to go!
5. I've been writing some more poems on and off this month. They are at Creatively Emma
6. I haven't missed a single dose of medication this year
7. On Saturday I'm meeting some friends from uni in Birmingham
8. A Whole New World from Disney's Aladdin is playing as I write this.
9. The bracelets I made and listed on ebay didn't sell so I relisted them
10. I finally got my certificate awarded to me this morning
11. Most of what I contributed to the bureau meeting earlier had to do with disability. That drives me crazy.
12. I am doing another talk on my JST experience in February.
13. For some reason I always miss my friends more after I've seen them than I did before.

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K T Cat said...

The silver and turquoise bracelet is my favorite, but they're all lovely! My TT is up.

Caylynn said...

Nice to meet you. :) Good luck with the weight loss!

Happy T13. :)

Jenny Ryan said...

Welcome back to the TT! :)


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