Monday, 13 November 2006

Prayers Needed

I just found out an hour or so ago that a very dear friend had a malignant tumour removed last week. I knew he had had surgery but the mutual friend had told me it was just a "little op" and nothing to worry about.
He sounded OK on the phone but did admit to have had a few tears earlier when he received a card from a group we both belong too and he says he feels the same as before. At the end of this month he returns to hospital for follow up tests to check they got it all. He actually spent a lot of time asking how I was and when I mentioned the job interview I had last week apologised for forgetting about it. Prayers, positive energy and good thoughts etc are all very much appreciated.

And as for me? I'm doing good. Taking it slow but doing good. I might be getting a cold but actually I feel better today than yesterday. My sister came home for the weekend and it was great to see her - we had lots of fun.
NaNoWriMo word count: 14,374 - still behind but the situation isn't dire (yet) and that almost isn't the point.

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Chana said...

I'm deeply sorry about your friend. It 's incredible the advances of technologie and other areas in our lives and yet, disease is so ever present everywhere...cancer takes so much and so many and i'm saddned that your friend is having to go through it..i hope you know that of course i will ask for his health and for peace for this is such a hard time. how wonderful of him, to love you and be concerned over you even with what he is going through. certainly a wonderful person he sounds like.

i'm sorry you might be catching a cold..and i'm glad you and your sis had a good visit. i'm happy for you both.

take care my angel and i'm sending him my best thoughts and wishes..
give him a hug all the way accross the ocean from me..and to you my sweet, my heart.


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