Sunday, 15 October 2006

Basically just asking for comments

I'm currently updating my CV and I'm a bit stuck with the key skills and achievements sections.  So I figured why not ask for suggestions?

Please leave a comment if you are so inclined with one skill you think I have that employers should know about and also one achievement if your feeling that helpful.  Chances are I'll put something completely different but I am unsure what to put and would be interested to see what you suggest.  And to make this easier, I've sorted out the comment leaving problem several people mentioned!

Also I am amassing something of a collection of bracelets and earrings that I've made and which don't have a home.  So I figured, if you want one leave my a comment with the reason why I should pick you and which you want.  I'll pick the one (or more than one) that amuses me the most and post them something.  Needless to say if you don't feel comfortable giving me your address don't take part.


Karen said...

I think you should tell employers that you are a great communicator.

Chana said...

my angel what is CV? is that a resume? sorry i don't know..but what to say about you well let me get started

-you are darn honest and you know what not all can say that and that is a great thing
-you have a heart, you are honest but kind and that is an amazing combination
-you are friendly..and it helps to be able to want to talk to someone if they don't carry and invinsible sign on them that saids dont' approach me.
-you are courageous and no matter what area in life, courage is what makes the difference from someone trying and someone giving up
-you are a fighter and let me tell you, you want people behind you that believe in a cause and are willing to go the distance.
-you are pretty, and a pretty face never hurts, ;p
-you are imaginative and that comes through in your writting and in your talents and everyone benefits from those
..just a few of my thoughts..

and why a bracelet..are you kidding, i think gifts from the heart are worth millions...

love. hugs. best the blog look.


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