Friday, 22 September 2006

Revitalised and Birthday Wishes

Today is my wonderful friend Chana's Birthday! Please take the time to go wish her a very happy day. Go on, I'll wait.

What news of me?

There is a possibility of really good stuff happening in November (some of you know what I'm talking about) I've been waiting for literally a week now for confirmation of whether or not this opportunity will become reality. It's driving me crazy not knowing especially as I've literally had NO post all week which makes me even more apprehensive.

After three weeks away from work I returned yesterday and today. Both days went really really well from my point of view and I felt like I settled back in easily, something I had been worried about. In fact yesterday the other two advisers who should have been on couldn't make it so it was just me and my supervisor - talk about thrown straight back in at the deep end. Thankfully

given the choice of sink or swim I was able to swim and do it well. It might sound strange

given how long I've worked there but I would say I felt a lot more confidence in my abilities as an adviser yesterday and today than previously.

this write post screen has just gone really screwy... i hope it isn't going to transfer to the published post but... eh

I went to the nurse this morning to talk about my diet. That's going well but is a topic for its own post somewhen soon. She commented that I seemed revitalised and I think she's right. I had been trying to come up with the correct words for how I've been feeling since I came home again from my JST adventure and I think she hit the nail on the head with that one!

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Chana said...

well this friend who loves you and admires you so very much thanks you kindly for such a wonderful wish. God Bless you hon. You are such a force in my life. An inspiration to me. Believe me when i say that you are very good influence on me.

i'm happy that you had a good day. i understand how nerve wrecking the anticipated day must have been. you swam wonderfully my dear. good on you.

i hope November comes with wonderful news. i'm hopeful that it will be what you wish for. good luck my sweet.

i'm off to sleep after a wonderful day in which all my friends made me feel inmesely amount of love and care. thank you my angel. you are always in my heart. hugs.


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