Thursday, 10 August 2006

Stop asking questions!

Dear People of the World,

I know we've only just met and I realise that after our brief meeting we will probably never meet again but of course I don't mind answering your questions!

No, I do not have Multiple Sclerosis
No, I do not have Polio
No, I was not in an accident
Believing in God is not a magic cure to being disabled
I am not like this because I sinned in a previous life
I am not married
And yes I am doing something special this afternoon - I have plans!
Yes, I can hear and speak
I even went to university
I know it's shocking but I am perfectly capable of being a CAB adviser
The toilet is something I manage just fine, thank you very much!
I do know that I am disabled, I don't need you to tell me that with a tone of wonder in your voice.
I don't have kids
CP won't stop me having kids.
Yes my friends/parents/brother/sister do take me out. But - don't faint - sometimes I even go out by myself! I even went to Madrid alone earlier in the year!
No, wheeling my wheelchair is not hard work. Neither do I need you to just walk up behind me and start pushing me because "I looked like I was struggling" and they "wouldn't like to be disabled"

Now, I've answered your questions please answer mine:

Are you married?
How many kids do you have?
Can you have kids?
Any problems going to the loo?
What about clothes - what size do you wear?

That walking lark looks like hard work - I shouldn't like to be able bodied - here I'll take you off for a ride in my chair and not give you a choice in the matter. I know I just really scared you but I was trying to be helpful and I don't care what you think!

Oh, well yes, those questions I just asked you were rude and insulting. But guess what? So were the ones you asked me!

The exact details of my life/my health/my disability are none of your damn business. Please shut up and leave me alone.

No Love,

p.s. if, by some slim miniscule 1 in 1,000,000 chance we do become friends I might be happy to answer some of your questions without thinking you are a rude bitch. But yeah, in a current person off the street relationship you stand NO chance!!


sair said...

yes, 0, don't know, not usually, 14 top 12 bottom.
hehe ;)

i tried to explain to someone on the phone last night that wheeling yourself isn't something to be pitied. Fraid I failed. I could try shooting that person for you from here though? THink I may fail there too, never been good at chucking stuff on target!

love you Em.

Utenzi said...

...ummm, so does that mean you don't really want the answers to those questions, Emma?

Chana said...

1. no
2. 5
3. i don't think so...but it's not like i'm going to chance it.
4. yes, sometimes i can't walk at all and i am stuck. others i can't lower myself and then there is the fun i have with my ibs...
5. about 16-18 in tops and 20 in bottoms..

i'm so sorry about some people's ignorance. i wish i could make them stop.

hope you and your family are alright.

sending you hugs my friend.

Summer Gale said...

Hiya, It seems like this issue never goes away. That stinks.


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