Friday, 21 July 2006


I am working on a longer piece about the "nitty gritty" of CP, getting into it deeper than I ever have in my blogs before. And I am also thinking about editing my "Medical FAQ" (linked on the sidebar). Then I got to thinking about my About Me page and whether I'm happy with that ~~ I am in a spring cleaning mood but I can't be bothered to declutter my actual house so my virtual one gets a going over instead.

So I thought I'd do something a little different. I want everyone who reads this to leave me a comment asking me a question - the one thing you really want to know, about me, about my medical stuff, about my job, my childhood, anything.

I am post dating this post so it remains at the top over the weekend and then on Monday I will write up an entry answering questions!

And in the spirit of getting to know each other better - two questions for you to answer in the comments:

How did we meet/did you find my blog?
What do you like/dislike especially about my blog?


Chana said...

i am desperately trying to figure out how the heck we met...i think i found you but how i have no idea...i hate it when i can't remember things...yuck, lol...

and what do i like about your blog? that is real. that i can read things that i can so relate too. that you don't sugar coat anything. that is about you and your real self and trials and joys...

a question for you? aren't you scared living on your own? see, i am a scary cat and often freak when i get sick. but i don't like the nights on my own when the kids are at their dad's and my boyfriend is not sleeping over. i feel like a 5 yr old. i can hear every noise and creak and imagine just the worst.....

hope you have a good wknd. hugs.

Utenzi said...

I first saw your blog, Emma, when it was up for rent at Blog Explosion. I bid on it but the bid expired since you weren't very active that week.

I like the recent changes you've made on your blog and really like the header. The flowers are lovely! The "frame" around the pictures is interesting. Are you playing with Photoshop, Emma?

I can't think of any questions for you right now but I'll get back to you when something occurs to me!

sair said...

We met through diaryland many many moons ago. How I don't know really-there weren't as many people blogging then, so maybe i just randomly clicked on names I liked the sound of. Or did you find me? Hmm. Do you remember?

Your blog really is a reflection of your life. Sure not everything is in it, but the things that aren't in it aren't seperate from the image one would get from just reading-just an extension of.

A question... How much of a mental plan of the future do you have?

Shi said...

Ok, I already told you about how we "met." What do I like? I like that the layout changes. It never gets boring. I like how you're honest with yourself.

A's one: What kind of book do you hope to publish?

Karen said...

I met you on your caringbrige site. I'm not sure how I found it though. I like the layout of this page and I like the way I can relate to you.

I have lots of questions for you, but most aren't appropriate to put on here for others to read lol. One that is, How did your CP affect your school life?


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