Tuesday, 27 June 2006

Update: 101 in 1001

With the visit to the Sealife Centre with Sarah and Adrian (doesn't that sound like it should be the name of some off the wall tv show?!) on Saturday I got another ticked off my 101 in 1001 list. Bringing my total number of things ticked off up to eight.

The list is linked over on the sidebar and the 8 I have completed are:

5. Clear out my wardrobe
22. Go to Madrid
31. Revisit childhood memories - go to the races at Newbury
34. apply to be a reader-book reviewer for New Woman
59. Visit a sealife centre
66. Take more photos
84. Make a beaded bracelet
92. Treat myself to a bunch of flowers

I think read Pride and Prejudice might be the next one that I tackle but I'm not sure.


Chana said...

i think i have some back reading to do...:)

Utenzi said...

Nah, do CSS next. It's easy to learn and gives you a lot more power when you use modern browsers, Emma. Pride and Prejudice will just give you a monster headache.

nonoe said...

go emma go

Utenzi said...

My BE bid expired. 'Tis very sad. :-(

I guess you've not been around for a while, Emma. I hope that means you're out doing one or two of the fun items on your list!


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