Saturday, 3 June 2006

No Applicable Title ;o)

"Can you tell what it is yet?" is a quote from Rolf Harris

The two pictures in the entry below this? They are my two blogs represented as graphs thanks to this website. The top is this blog and the lower one is Creatively Emma

I am very pleased with the day I've had today. I guess you could say that I've got my wheeling myself in my wheelchair groove back ;o) And I drank lots of water and got my hair cut. I also bought a few bits so I can customise one of my tops when I was in town. So I'm calling it good and being pleased.

Finally, something to think about - a quote I found and loved.

"I learned a long time ago life just isn't fair, so you better stop expecting it to be. You just forge ahead. We're going to get through this like we've gotten through everything else."
~Dana Reeve

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Mama Mouse said...

Emma ... I ran across your other blog, Creatively Emma, on BE ... and was intrigued. Then I ran across the link to this blog and am impressed and so very happy I did find it!

The quote in this entry is amazing and so very true. I have my own story, not quite like yours, but a difficult one .... and that quote sums up the way I've lived my life. Not a small number of years either ... 60 of them to be exact.

I love your attitude (I read your medical facts page and the page about you) ... and I love that you just want to be YOU ... NOT your disability! Even like the rainbow colored hair! LOL If I were young again, and had decent hair I'd be more than tempted to do it too!

I have much more reading to do on both of your blogs and I hope you don't mind, but I've blogrolled you. I also plan on adding you to my 'daily reads' list.

I hope you know, or have been told, that the world needs a lot more young people like you!


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