Friday, 16 June 2006

Good Stuff

Guess what?

At swimming today I swam 20 lengths (500 metres - the pool is 25 metres long) and I WALKED 4 lengths (100 metres in total).

Two with one volunteer walking backwards in front of me so I could hold onto their arms for balance. Then I had a rest, chatted a little and swam some more and walked two more with another volunteer doing the same as the first.

And I am going out with a kind of new friend tonight for a few drinks - I've known her for a while but only professionally although we've always got on well.

Good stuff. No, Great Stuff

1 comment:

Chana said...

i'm so happy for you....yuppiiii!!!!

hope you had an awesome time...have a wonderful day and Happy Father's day to your daddy....



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