Wednesday, 17 May 2006

Read and Recommended

In an effort to get my earlier negativity off of the top post of the page I thought I would share one of the best things about blogging. The ability to reach others with our words and the way that through reading someone else's words our day can be brightened or a new perspective can be found (I am all about perception at the moment). It is one of the reasons why I truly love to blog and to read others blogs.

So I thought I would highlight a few people.

Chana has some great posts which tend to make me think... she really talks my language. I especially like the poems she finds, the Universal Rx on about hugs is the best I've read in the longest time and the pics she has in that entry are so cute too.

My tenant for the week Stephanie could do with being sent some love. They have the sickies in their house and their son is being tested for Cystic Fibrosis next week. Plus, scroll down to her "Dad I'd Like To..." entry to see one of the most amazing photos.

Annie is someone who I follow through caringbridge (she updates her journal their daily). Her blog which is where the link here goes to isn't updated as often but is full of so much sense and truth and life... reading her writings can truly make you feel as if you *know* just what she wants you to. As she puts it, "It might not all be roses and sunshine, but it's all truthful and from my heart."

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Chana said...

Well i'm so honored...a bit of blushing know that the funniest thing is that not once when i write a post do i not feel is too sappy?, too depressing?, was it too much?, are they going to think i am nuts?...i'm so darn afraid every time it's overwhelming...i am always stunned that i get any hits at all and feel just amazed when left with sweet messages (and this happens every time),then all of a sudden i start not to second guess whether it was of any good..See? i have so much personal growth still. I would like to have all my ducks sorted out already, i'm 36! But it's a lifetime of growth i guess...I'm so grateful for i jsut realize you have blogroll me...I am again shaking my head wondering how could that be? I'm so grateful for your time, your thoughtfullness and for being a sweetie...Take care...


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