Tuesday, 30 May 2006

No More Miss Nice Cripple

If anyone is wondering why my personal status message on MSN is currently "You better hide, you better run 'coz I feel like killing someone"

Disablism strikes again.

F***ing B**tards (minor aside, if the kids who live above me with their parents have learnt anything from living in the flat above me it's probably how to say that phrase with feeling).

But hey at least time whilst I realise that this is related to the fact it's been arranged by people who just didn't think, I don't care and I don't find that acceptable. They've had enough reminders when they've organised other social events.

No more Miss Nice Cripple



jill said...

Now tell us how you REALLY feel! I know how annoying people can be. Trust me there are some people in my own family I would cheerfully strangle at a moment's notice. Breath deep and scream!

Chana said...

....what ever and whom ever it was that have cause you pain-How dare they...i'm so sorry...hugs...many hu


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