Friday, 5 May 2006

My First Blog Explosion Tenant!

Well, I turned into something of a sheep and jumped onto the BlogExplosion bandwagon. It's actually a pretty cool place and I've found some fab blogs that way.

And I'm giving the Rent My Blog thing a go... BattleRocker over at The Battle Rock Spot is my tenant for the week. I chose hisr blog for many reasons... I liked his layout a lot. Plus, his blog reminded me of mine in so many ways and also made me wish this blog was as good as his is.

So please, go visit him. And tell him Emma sent you ;o)

And apologies to BattleRocker for the nonstickyness of this post, I couldnt get it to show up if I postdated it. I'll sort it...

And even MORE apologies for the whole thinking you were a woman thing... *blushes*


Battlerocker said...

Thank you for your kind words, and for taking me in this week. I like your blog as well, and I'm happy to have you as a landlord. My only complaint is that I am not a 'her.' :) Though you are not the first to make this mistake...Is my name on a profile somewhere listing me as a she? The blogger profile says male, as it should, but is another wrong somewhere? Anyways, thanks again. I am going to go get acquainted with your blog now. :)

Janice said...

k - i did

cool site too

Sair said...

your tenant won't allow non blogger signings, so HEY to battlerocker. WOAH at your ability to write-it has rhythm meaning etc etc... :) x

Battlerocker said...

I didn't realize my blog was set up that way (not allowing non-blogger comments). I'll fix it immediately (if I can figure it out). :) Thanks for telling me, and thanks for the compliments.


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