Saturday, 27 May 2006

It doesn't have me.

I've been reading some of my favourite inspirational writings this evening and then I felt led to write somethng similar myself. I had intended to write something along the lines of To You, My Sisters by Maureen K Higgins but then I re-read Challenged by Leslie W Ortega which is probably my favourite disability related poem (I also love My New Set of Wheels by Darlene Uggen probably just as much) and ended up writing a poem which might not be that similar to "Challenged" but is meant to show a similar idea/lesson. I hope you like it.

It Doesn't Have Me

People say I am brave
That’s not how I see myself
I’m simply trying
Not to spend my life on the shelf.

Then they say I am inspirational
But I’m not that way at all
I’m simply trying
To keep on battling through

Life can be tough
The road may be rough
That is true for me
Just as it is for you too.

Having CP
Just makes me
A little different
It doesn’t make me stronger than you
For you face your own struggles too.

Life is what it is
And this is mine
It’s no big deal
No matter how you think I should feel

I do what I have to
Just like you

The only difference is
It’s hard for people to see
I am not CP
I am me.
Look past “the worst thing you could imagine”
And remember that
I have CP
It doesn’t have me

By Emma ~ 26 May 2006


jane said...

You're a really good writer. I'm sorry that I was so busy talking in the ShoutBox when you were in there. You've got a great blog here & it's got lots of promise.

CyberCelt said...

What a wonderful post. You speak for all people who might appear different. Some are different on the inside and we no one sees the struggle. Outward signs of disability are difficult to overcome.

From your blog, I would say you are not letting CP get in your way. You go, girl.

Thanks for visiting the shoutbox. It was a rowdy group in there. Visit again sometime.

Chana said...

wow that was so touching...i thought i let you know how deep it touched me. Can i spell through watery eyes?

Emma thank you for teaching me again.

Hope you are okay. Have yourself a great wknd. Hugs.

The Artist said...

Beautifully expressed, with best wishes, The Artist

Christamae said...

I like your poem. I have 32 poems written and hope to someday publish a book. I hope you're doing well.

Take care,
Ones Who Care

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