Thursday, 6 April 2006

A Thursday Thirteen of Books I've Read in 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Books EMMA has read this year

1…. The Luxury of Time by Jane and Mike Tomlinson
2.... Ghost Girl by Torey Hayden
3.... Behind Closed Doors by Jenny Tomlin
4.... Rosie by Lesley Pearse
5.... Star Trek: Tales from The Captain's Table - various authors
6.... Where Rainbow's End by Cecelia Ahern
7... The Chalet School and Barbara by Elinor M. Brent Dyer
8... Dancing Barefoot by Wil Wheaton
9... Hannah's Gift: Lessons from a Life Fully Lived by Maria Housden
10... The Ivy Chronicles by Karen Quinn
11... Star Trek Voyager: Distant Shores - Various authors
12... Star Trek Titan: The Red King by Andy Mangels and Michael A. Martin
13... Star Trrek Titan: Orion's Hounds by Christopher L. Bennett.
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Chi said...

Great Books! I see you are a Trekkie fan. *s* Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today. Have a wonderful day!

Boring Sonya said...

I use to read all the time. I quit making time for it and just now started back. I forgot how wonderful it is. Great list.

nat said...

And I have read NONE of those! LOL. You're such a devoted reader..and that's just fab, whatever it is you are reading! I think I'll have to check out the Wil Wheaton book!

carmen said...

You've just added a few books to my reading list. :)

Thanks for visiting my 13

Jane said...

You are a Trekkie.....aren't you? I love Star Trek. I am old enough to remember the old TV series. I watched it religiously.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

mar said...

You have read all those books already and I am still reading the Chronicles of Narnia! lots of Stark Trek, huh? thanks for visiting my TT!

coffee addict said...

would be interested what you thought of Cecilia Ahern's book - have been hearing mixed reviews... :) thanks for stopping by my T13 earlier on.

Ardice said...

Great list of books, I've added a couple to my 'to read list'. My TT is up. I hope your week is running smoothly. Take-Care...

Norma said...

I all for reading, but haven't seen any of these. I'll take your word for it that you enjoyed them.

My TT is up.

Susan said...

I love your list!! Makes me want to go to Barnes and Noble.

Frances said...

This is my first week doing TT - it's fun.
I see you like Star Trek too.
Live Long & Prosper,
PS Looking forward to your next week's list


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