Tuesday, 25 April 2006

Random Facts.

I just felt like writing a post with a few facts about me... don't know why, just did.

My first ever wheelchair was a bog standard nhs one... then I got a Remploy Roller. I used various versions of that chair until I was 18 (9 years?)

My first ever crush was on Wil Wheaton.

It appears that I know a lot of guys called Rob.

Before I was nine I didn't have a wheelchair I used a Maclaren Major Buggy instead. I hated it.

I have two friends called Sarah who are both with guys called Simon. It gets confusing.

I know lots of people called Sarah/Sara that gets confusing too.

I can't get enough diet coke.

Or galaxy chocolate.

One of my favourite authors is Peter David.

I love that several famous people I admire also have blogs.

My hair is a red/black colour at the moment.

I can't decide how much money to take to Madrid.

I am easily annoyed.

I am chaotic.

Naidex is tomorrow!!!

I am going to Grenwich on Thursday.

I have an inherent dislike of people as a whole.

I feel like I am at a point in my life where I am undergoing a change or a metamorphosis.

I need to stop fighting that and go with the flow.

I have a deliciously devious idea for my sisters birthday.


starhearts said...

what, where or who is Grenwich ????
Btw HI EMMA!!!! Liked your new list! I borrowed one of your ideas last week and wrote a list of life positives which was helpful to see in print on this end. TTYS I hope!

Chana said...

hey this was a fun post...thanks for sharing...I would love to go to Madrid, i'm spanish and looove their Z accent...i hope you have a great time....:)

Dawn said...

I had a McClaren major until I had my first chair. They sucked.


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