Friday, 21 April 2006

List form - proud and not so proud

This was going to be a long post but my thoughts don't seem to want to flow from my head thru my fingers and into this little box.

So I thought I would do a list form entry of things I am proud of lately and things I'm not so happy/proud about.

Not so proud/happy about

  • That my K broke last weekend (snapped the brake off - don't know how??)

  • That I don't know if there's swimming tomorrow

  • Probably having a fill in carer next wednesday (I hope someone I've met before - I hate standing over new carers)

  • The fact that the thought of having a different carer next week bothers me.

  • No one seems to reckonise that my going to the doctors next week was a big deal for me and the fact that I was the one to reckonise my need is HUGE

  • "Emma not herself" was written in the book of doom yesterday. Tis true, I admit but it's kinda negative (see above and also my yet to be written post on the concept of "being yourself")

  • That I'm so bothered by that comment in the book of doom.

  • I have no clue what to get my sister for her birthday.

Things I am proud of/happy about

  • Having used my Quickie instead of my K for almost a week and been fine with it and not bitched or got upset about that fact.

  • Going outside for walks in my manual chair three times this week (two in my quickie).

  • That I started a task I've been putting off for ages tonight with my carers help and did more of it when she left - its a huge job though so it's not been finished.

  • I made it to work everyday this week.

  • Making an effort to make plans to get together with a friend next week (looks like she can't do it but...)

  • There's a (very) small chance that I'm going to get a really cool opportunity at some point in the next few months. I don't want to jinx it by mentioning details here but as I said to Shi earlier, the only way it could be more perfect for me is if it were a definite thing.

  • Naidex is next week and I get to meet up with Rob there!

  • That someone i work with has leant me two books.

  • Realising for myself that a lot of my not so good things are my depression talking.

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