Thursday, 16 March 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Emma

1…. I am a volunteer adviser for citizen’s advice bureau
2…I am intending to get all my hair cut off today
3…I have lost one stone since 23/01/06
4… I like random silly music… I’m listening to the sesame street theme as I write this
5… I am the worlds biggest procrastinator
6… I am easily annoyed
7… I have been very depressed all this week
8… I need to be on a train in 40 minutes so I shouldn’t be on this computer!
9… I worry about my family a lot.
10… I had a dream on Tuesday about a friend of mine who died three years ago. I liked seeing her in my dream but wished it was real.
11… I don’t think I’ve taken my antidepressant since Sunday (hmm see the link with number 7??)
12… I like to shatter assumptions
13… I am addicted to chocolate chip cake bars (diet, what diet?)

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Shelli said...

Thanks for coming by my 13 today.

I also see a link between your meds and your dream. That happens to me when I haven't taken my meds. I have weird, wonderful, horrible, vivid, real dreams when I haven't taken my meds.

Mama B said...

Sorry, I'm a day late! Great first TT. Glad you joined us. Look forward to getting to know you.


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