Thursday, 23 March 2006

A Thursday Thirteen about CAB

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about my job

1…. I am a volunteer adviser for Citizen's Advice Bureau

2. To start with I was an admin assistant there for a couple of months.

3. I started there on Sept 1st 2004

4. And I started my adviser training at the end of October that year, I think.

5. I've been advising clients since May last year.

6. I'm still training but I hope to get my certificate soon.

7. I have advised about lots of different subjects, the main ones being divorce, debt, benefits, employment, immigration, neighbour disputes, housing.

8. I never know what my day is going to be like when I'm there.

9. I prefer to do face to face client advice.

10. A lot of the time I advise on the phone which I struggle with.

11. I've always been something of a passionate activist but CAB has made me more of one.

12. I've learnt a lot of valuable lessons about myself and about life whilst working at CAB

13. I love my job (most of the time, at least)

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Ardice said...

What an interesting job you have! Thanks for stopping by my site. Have a lovely evening. Take-Care...

mama kelly said...

not only do we have the same color scheme for our thursday 13 -- but we both posted about our jobs ..... LOL

mine are up too

Libragirl said...

Thanks for stopping by. I like #13. If you liked your job all the time, there would be something wrong with you. It sounds like you have a job that matters to you and others...That's always good.

better safe than sorry said...

i've done extensive volunteer work over the years but never thought of any of it as my job. it did make me feel like i was doing something right though.
i'm doing the tt too.


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