Sunday, 15 April 2012

iPad Woes

I've been having technical problems this week hence the blog silence. The end result was I went to the genius bar at the apple store yesterday and they replaced my iPad. Good stuff.

I didn't know that you need to make an appointment for the genius bar but they made me a standby appointment and saw me immediately. Not bad for a bit before 4 on a Saturday when the store was rammed.

It's really weird. When I got home I synced it and there was a list in iTunes of every single app I've ever had on it. So I put a few back on that I've not used for a while and took one or two I hadn't been using off. I'd forgotten about some of the apps too. One of which I looked at, went "what the hell is this" put back on the iPad, played with for five minutes, decided it was shit and deleted again.

Syncing it also brought up all of my bookmarks, web history and even the tabs I'd had open when I backed it up. Which I'd really not expected but is kind of cool. My saved passwords were there as well which I wasn't sure about from a security point of view. But perhaps I should have encrypted the back up.

I do have one gripe about the process though. So far although I've got Pages (word equivalent) back on here, none of my files have reappeared. It's very frustrating because whilst I have a lot of it backed up on my blog (by dint of the fact that the majority of my Pages files are part of my 100 days of writing project), not all of them are. I think it's only one or two short files though.

So far I've googled and not found a solution, but that said I've been busy busy today. Until mid afternoon when I got lost in a book for a good hour and then fell asleep for a bit. A proper hunt tomorrow me thinks.

All in all I am very pleased with the process.

Side note: I have been writing for my 100 days project but need to type them up. I'll get that sorted in the next couple of days and post them back dated.

♥ Emma

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