Friday, 25 February 2011

I'm going to be hosting the 75th Disability Blog Carnival

I'm going to be hosting the next edition of the Disability Blog Carnival.  That will be the 75th one and so I've chosen the theme of Milestones.  I am especially pleased to have the 75th as I also hosted the 50th!

Entries can be left in the comments here or sent to me via e-mail ejcrees AT googlemail DOT com please put DBC or some such in the subject so I know you're not spamming me!

The carnival will take place on 25th March and it would be great if people could get entries to me by the 23rd although I'll try and include ones received after that date.

If you don't know what the DBC is all about, this is the current edition "Participation".  The official home of the DBC is Disability Studies, Temple U.


Cheryl said...

DAMN IT EMMA! You stole my topic. I was gonna do "Birthdays, anniversaries, & other milestones (or inchstones)" for April. Now I have to come up with something else!

Funky Mango said...

My submission - "Happy birthday to my MS"

Elizabeth McClung said...

My submission is this review of Wish which chronicles the three types of people you meet with Chronic illness's (or degenerative) - the comment from the author of the book wish are in the comments.

If you want something that is not an examination of type and experience but personal entirely, then there is 'Hi-ho, E.R. I go!'
with the pictures of me while I had a small heart attack here:

Todd Winther said...

This is my submission 'Christmas Day'

Unknown said...

hi heres my submission
it doesn't go live til midnight eastern time

Carl Thompson said...

I've finally finished my entry Emma! Here you go:

Thanks and good luck!

Carl Thompson said...

Not sure it went through, so here's my submission again.

Anonymous said...

My (first) Submission. "Milestones"

I'm not good at titles.

Cara Liebowitz said...

Here's mine, sorry for the late submission!

Matthew Occupational Therapist said...


Just found your site and found it really interesting and useful. Just wanted to say thanks and keep up the good work!


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