Thursday, 19 April 2012

The End... But Not

This blog will no longer be updated here.

Instead it will be at where it's now on Wordpress (again).

There are still a few layout related tweaks I need to do but that's where you can find me from now on!

♥ Emma

Monday, 16 April 2012

Things That I've Been Reading

I rather suspect I'll be doing a couple of these this month as I seem to be reading a lot at the moment and quickly too.

The Wedding Wallah by Farahad Zama

This is the third in the Marriage Bureau for Rich People series. The series gets better with every book in my opinion. It's romantic without being overkill and it's easy and fun to read without being chick lit or ridiculously fluffy. I believe this was originally going to be called Not All Marriages Are Made In Heaven and I think that title makes more sense than The Wedding Wallah. I also missed the bright and cheerful covers of the previous two, this had a much more sedate and plain one. This covers more that just straight relationships, a change I was pleased to see. I'm looking forward to the next one.

Whose Body by Dorothy L Sayers

I really enjoy these Lord Peter Wimsey mysteries. I didn't expect to like them as much as I do. This is the first in the series and whilst I've read several others this was the first time I've read this. Not my favourite of the ones I've read but a good read.

Cloud of Witness by Dorothy L Sayers

This was a particularly good Lord Peter book. I love the characters in these books and the way they have a nice feel to them. They are who dunnits dealing with potentially gruesome and grizzly subjects in a way that is detailed enough without being scarily detailed or off putting. In this particular book it was nice to meet more of the Wimsey family as a part of the mystery. With all their foibles and quirks they are very real and loveable characters.

Unnatural Death by Dorothy L Sayers

Another visit to the life of Lord Peter. As always I really enjoyed it but in this case although the was it murder? line was intriguing I thought it was a little bit much in places. I guessed the how of things a few chapters before it was revealed but not the who or why.

In Stitches by Dr Nick Edwards

Real life tales of a Dr working in A&E. Very interesting. I had a ridiculously late tea one day as I seriously lost track of time while reading it. I'd love to read a sequel. I'd also like to know what happened next to some of the patients but I guess being that it's A&E the staff never find out.

♥ Emma

Sunday, 15 April 2012

iPad Woes

I've been having technical problems this week hence the blog silence. The end result was I went to the genius bar at the apple store yesterday and they replaced my iPad. Good stuff.

I didn't know that you need to make an appointment for the genius bar but they made me a standby appointment and saw me immediately. Not bad for a bit before 4 on a Saturday when the store was rammed.

It's really weird. When I got home I synced it and there was a list in iTunes of every single app I've ever had on it. So I put a few back on that I've not used for a while and took one or two I hadn't been using off. I'd forgotten about some of the apps too. One of which I looked at, went "what the hell is this" put back on the iPad, played with for five minutes, decided it was shit and deleted again.

Syncing it also brought up all of my bookmarks, web history and even the tabs I'd had open when I backed it up. Which I'd really not expected but is kind of cool. My saved passwords were there as well which I wasn't sure about from a security point of view. But perhaps I should have encrypted the back up.

I do have one gripe about the process though. So far although I've got Pages (word equivalent) back on here, none of my files have reappeared. It's very frustrating because whilst I have a lot of it backed up on my blog (by dint of the fact that the majority of my Pages files are part of my 100 days of writing project), not all of them are. I think it's only one or two short files though.

So far I've googled and not found a solution, but that said I've been busy busy today. Until mid afternoon when I got lost in a book for a good hour and then fell asleep for a bit. A proper hunt tomorrow me thinks.

All in all I am very pleased with the process.

Side note: I have been writing for my 100 days project but need to type them up. I'll get that sorted in the next couple of days and post them back dated.

♥ Emma

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

I Was... #100daysofwriting

This is a tiny snapshot of my life this evening. I feel like I've got loads I'd like to be doing but in fact I've been reading blogs, playing Patchworks and Jumbline and googling random shit while The Apprentice and NCIS were on in the background. It was quite a busy day though. In other news I am getting very into NCIS. Although it was weird to watch a Christmas episode today.

I was
All fired up
To write many words
Tonight was to be
The night I
Exceeded my
Word count
Instead it
Was yet another
Night where I spent
Too much time playing
Very addictive games
Oh well

♥ Emma

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Minor Frustrations #100daysofwriting

I'm pretty frustrated now, probably needlessly. There were a few niggles that got a tiny bit out of hand this evening. One of those things were you just have to accept that the others involved are who they are and you can't change them. Which, obviously can be a tough thing to deal with.

The situation this evening was nothing like as bad as this poem but it seemed to be the direction it (the poem) wanted to go in

Many minor small things
Intensely interacting to a form a larger whole
Needlessly niggle away until
Organically outrageously and overwhelmingly
Rage ricochets around the room

Fiercely frustrated yet over the top
Ranting raving people cause others to do the same
Understandably unctuous
Stresses simmers slowly
Then tempers erupt between usually good friends
Rules rarely broken
Are absolutely ridiculous right now and ignored
Trouble trying to stay calm
Inserting inspired opinions usually welcome is suddenly inappropriate
Overall overwhelmed by no one thing
Needlessly negative the event has become
Sadly selfishly everything is ruined for one and all.

♥ Emma


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