Book List

For the last several years I've kept lists on my blogs of what I've read.  This is my list for 2011.  If a book is started in one year (since the list began) and finished on another it is listed on the year it's finished.  Which is the case with my only finished book of 2011 so far.

Click here for my book list for 2010
Books in 2009
Books in 2008
Books in 2007

[n] - new
[r] - reread
[pr] - partial reread
[pr*] - partial reread but counts as new for my "read 250 new books" goal of my 101 in 1001


The Elegance of The Hedghog by Muriel Barberry, 320 pages [n]

So far I have read 1 book and 320 pages in 2011!!


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