Sunday, 26 March 2006

A powerful short story

I just read an incredibly powerful short story which was based on the writer's real life experiences. The story is called "By Choice" and can be found over on LJ here

I love disability related fiction and true life based fiction is an even better way of handling the subject. I write a lot of disability related essays but it is years since I wrote fiction with disabled characters. I'm inspired again though and I think I will be trying my hand at it again soon.

But for now I must go and investigate the possibilities for that thing which we call dinner.

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luna-obscura said...

That was a sweet story.

Okay, I will try to answer your questions. ;) Queer Theory is the theory that you can't compartmenalise individuals by putting them into the categories of "man", "woman", "straight" or "gay", because gender and sex are socially constructed. I find it really interesting, but Judith Butler makes it SO impossible, it's just maddening.
Yes, Lynne Truss is the Author of "Eats, Shoots and Leaves", and yes, you should soooo read it! It's a great book, she has a wonderful writing style. The sequel "Talk to the Hand" is excellent too, it's basically a big rant about modern life and how things have changed. If you can get hold of it I really recommend it!

Sorry about writing an essay in your comments! Hope you're doing well. :) xx


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